Using Adhesive Safety and Effectively by Utilizing Automatic Filling System for Adhesive

Hot melt adhesive becomes common options in industries. Its quality is good to glue parts of products. However, it should be melted, and it requires high temperature. Normally, it uses temperature of 2000C. This can be dangerous temperature when the operator makes direct contact with the glue or the device to apply the adhesive. There can be errors that may lead to serious problems. That is why there is automatic filling system for adhesive. Robafeed 3 becomes solution to have automatic system to fill and use the adhesive safely.

Great Automatic Filling System

Normally, industries will use granular form of adhesive. It will be filled into tank and then it will be melted so later it can be applied on the surface of products or other parts. The tank can be dangerous because the high temperature. There are also other risks during the operation. In this case, Robafeed 3 has its own management to handle the situation. The device does not melt the granulate directly in the tank so filling the tank will not be risky. It is filled into a container and later it will be connected to other part for melting process and adhesive application. That is why operator does not make contact with any part with high temperature, so it is very safe.

Easy Operation for Automatic Filling System

In addition to its safe access to fill granulate into the container, Robafeed 3 works automatically. In other words, operators do not need to handle each process manually. The only manual process is to fill the container with the adhesive material. For the melting process, it is conducted automatically by the system. Operator only needs to set some variable to operate the tool so it will manage the filling system and application of adhesive. This is beneficial since it will provide safety during the whole process. Management of adhesive application and consumption can also be monitored and managed so it will improve efficiency and even reduce the costs.