How Useful Are Shock-Absorbing Suspension Casters in the Workplace?

If you wonder how shock-absorbing suspension casters can help you, this article will explain their features and benefits in the workplace. It will also discuss the price and performance of shock absorbing suspension casters. Below are three things to consider when choosing shock-absorbing casters:

Using shock-absorbing suspension casters in the workplace

Shock-absorbing suspension casters are ideal for various uses, from transportation to the workplace. They can protect sensitive payloads from impacts and reduce noise sources by 15 decibels. In addition, the casters’ shock-absorbing mechanisms help protect loads during temporary capacity excess. They come with a black oxide standard finish and glass-filled nylon wheels. You can buy them in 6×2 or 8×2 sizes.

Depending on your load, you can choose between the standard or premium shock-absorbing suspension caster. The spring-loaded caster has a minimum yield capacity of just 140 pounds, but it will protect sensitive equipment. It also reduces noise during transportation and can roll over obstacles. It is especially useful for heavy equipment, such as computer mainframes. If your workspace has sensitive payloads, it might be necessary to choose casters that minimize shock and allow easy movement.

Performance of shock-absorbing suspension casters

Shock-absorbing suspension casters improve the performance of a workplace, and they are ideal for any work area. They improve turning performance, reduce pitching motions caused by braking and driving forces, and reduce noise and vibration levels. Shock-absorbing casters are particularly good for reducing the risk of strain and injury. To get the most benefit from these casters, choose the type with the highest level of shock absorption.

Suspension Casters

Shock-absorbing suspension casters control unwanted spring motion and reduce vibratory motion. They do this by converting the kinetic energy generated by suspension movement into heat, which is dissipated through the hydraulic fluid. As a result, it reduces the risk of workplace injuries and increases employee productivity. It also allows for greater comfort and handling. Compared to traditional casters, shock-absorbing casters are a great investment in the workplace.

Cost of shock-absorbing suspension casters

Choosing the correct casters for your needs is essential. While standard casters provide a smooth ride, they do not absorb shock. As a result, it can extend the shock’s impact and result in excessive vibration. Shock-absorbing casters must have the correct spring constant and material to achieve the right level of absorbing force. 

The material properties of sheet metal parts make them spring-like, enabling them to absorb a shock. The preferred embodiment of the present invention absorbs up to 65-70% of the shock load. While passive shock absorption is sufficient for many applications, adding active shock-absorbing elements improves the caster’s performance. Shock-absorbing casters are not inexpensive, however. Typically, a shock-absorbing caster costs four times more than an ordinary one.

Another important consideration when choosing a caster is the mounting plate. The mounting plate on industrial casters comes in three different forms. Each type has its pros and cons, and the cost, quality, and durability vary greatly between them. Hot-forged casters are more expensive than sheet metal kingpin casters. However, hot-forged casters are considered the strongest type. The price and quality of hot-forged casters vary greatly between them.